IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium
23-27 April 2018 // Taipei, Taiwan
Cognitive Management in a Cyber World

Demo Sessions

Tuesday, April 24


Chair: Wen-Chih Peng, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

1. Setting up Flexible and Light Weight Trading Contracts with Enhanced User Privacy Using Smart Contracts
Sina Rafati (University of Zurich - Switzerland)
FLorian Schüpfer (University of Zurich - Switzerland)
Thomas Bocek (University of Zurich - Switzerland)
Burkhard Stiller (University of Zurich and ETH Zurich - Switzerland)

2. Introducing Network Slice Management inside M-CORD-Based-5G Framework
Muhammad Tahir Abbas (Jeju National University - Pakistan)
Talha ahmed Khan (Jeju National University - Pakistan)
Asif Mahmood (Jeju National University - Pakistan)
Javier Jose Rivera (Jeju National University - Mexico)
Wang-Cheol Song (Jeju National University - Republic of Korea)

3. RTP Packet Loss Healing on a Bare-Metal Switch  
Leonhard Nobach (Technische Universität Darmstadt - Germany)
Jeremias Blendin (TU Darmstadt - Germany)
Hans-Joerg Kolbe (Deutsche Telekom - Germany)
Georg Schyguda (Deutsche Telekom - Germany)
David Hausheer (OVGU Magdeburg - Germany)

4. Live Demonstration of FPGA Based Networking Accelerator for 200 Gbps Data Transfers
Lukas Kekely (CESNET a. l. e. - Czech Republic)
Martin Spinler (CESNET a.l.e. - Czech Republic)
Stepan Friedl (CESNET a.l.e. - Czech Republic)
Jiri Sikora (CESNET a.l.e. - Czech Republic)
Jan Korenek (Brno University of Technology - Czech Republic)

5. The Smallest Software Defined Network Testbed in the World: Performance and Security
Song Wang (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) - Australia)
Karina Mabell Gomez Chavez (RMIT University – Australia)
Kandeepan Sithamparanathan (RMIT University - Australia)
Paul Zanna (Northbound Networks - Australia)

6. Adaptive Policy Execution (APEX)  
Sven van der Meer (Ericsson - Ireland),
Liam Fallon (Ericsson - Ireland)
John Keeney (LM Ericsson Ireland - Ireland)
Joseph McNamara (Ericsson - Ireland)

7. Graph-Based IoT Microservice Security
Marc-Oliver Pahl (Technische Universität München - Germany)
Francois-Xavier Aubet (Technical University of Munich - Germany)
Stefan Liebald (Technical University Munich - Germany)


Wednesday, April 25


Chair: Remi Badonnel, Telecom Nancy, France

8. Don't Steal my Drone: Catching Attackers with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Honeypot
Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis (Technische Universitat Darmstadt - Germany)
Joerg Daubert (TU Darmstadt - Germany)
Dhanasekar Boopalan (TU Darmstadt - Germany)
Max Mühlhäuser (Technische Universitat Darmstadt - Germany)

9. Next Generation Single Board Clusters
Jeremy Singer (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)
Herry Herry (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)
Philip J. Basford (University of Southampton, Southampton)
Wajdi Hajji (Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
Colin S. Perkins (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)
Fung Po Tso (Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK)
Dimitrios Pezaros (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK)
Robert D. Mullins (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)
Eiko Yoneki (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)
Simon J. Cox (University of Southampton, Southampton, UK)
Steven J. Johnston (University of Southampton, Southampton, UK)

10. Rapid Prototyping of Flow-Based Detection Methods Using Complex Event Processing
Petr Velan (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Martin Husak (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Daniel Tovarnak (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)

11. Synaptic: a Formal Checker for SDN-based Security Policies
Nicolas Schnepf (INRIA - France)
Remi Badonnel (INRIA - TELECOM Nancy - University of Lorraine - France)
Abdelkader Lahmadi (University of Lorraine - France)
Stephan Merz (LORIA - France)

12. Licensed Shared Access by Mobile Networks: Proof-of-Concept Demonstration over ViSSA Platform
Shi-Chung Chang (National Taiwan University - Taiwan)

13. Low-Reaction Time FPGA-based DDoS Detector
Balázs Nagy (AITIA International Zrt. - Hungary)
Péter Orosz (budapest university of technology and economics - Hungary)
Pal Varga (Budapest University ot Technology and Economics - Hungary)

14. Community Based Platform for Vulnerability Categorization
Jana Komárková (Masaryk University - Algeria)
Luka Sadlek (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Martin Lastovicka (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)

15. A Wrapper for Automated Measurements with YouTube’s Native App
Frank Loh (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Theodoros Karagkioules (Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Paris Research Center, Huawei Technologies France)
Mickael Seufert (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Bernd Zeidler (University of Würzburg - Germany)
Dimitrios Tsilimantos (Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Paris Research Center, Huawei Technologies France)
Phuoc Tran-Gia (University of Wurzburg, Institutute of Computer Science - Germany)
Stefan Valentin (Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, Paris Research Center, Huawei Technologies France)
Florian Wamser (University of Wuerzburg - Germany)


Thursday, April 26


Chair: Mu-Chun Su, National Central University, Taiwan

16. Energy-efficient SDN Control and Visualization
Tao Li (TU Dresden - Germany)
Yuanjun Sun (TU Dresden - Germany)
Marek Sobe (TU Dresden - Germany)
Silvia Santini (Universita  della Svizzera Italiana - Switzerland)
Thorsten Strufe (TU Dresden - Germany)

17. Passive OS Fingerprinting Prototype Demonstration   
Martin Lastovicka (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)
Daniel Filakovsky (Masaryk University – Czech Republic)

18. Streaming Scalable Video Sequences with Media-Aware Network Elements Implemented in P4 Programming Language
Guan-Ru Wang (National Chiao Tung University - Republic of China)
Chien Chen (NCTU - Taiwan)
Chao-Wen Chen (National Tsing Hua University - Republic of China)
Li-Wen Pan (National Tsing Hua University - Republic of China)
Yu-Rong Wang (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)
Ching-Ling Fan (National Tsing Hua University - Republic of China)
Cheng-Hsin Hsu (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)

19. Demonstration of Efficient Coexistence of IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH and IEEE 802.11
Mikołaj Chwalisz (Technische Universität Berlin - Germany)

20. On-The-Fly Generation of Unikernels for Software-Defined Security in Cloud Infrastructures
Maxime Compastie (LORIA - Orange Labs - France)
Remi Badonnel (INRIA - TELECOM Nancy - University of Lorraine - France)
Olivier Festor (INRIA Nancy - Grand Est - France)
Ruan He (Orange Labs - France)

21. Stream4Flow: Real-time IP Flow Host Monitoring using Apache Spark
Tomas Jirsik (Masaryk University - Czech Republic)

22. Managed Edge Computing on Internet-of-Things Devices for Smart City Applications
Yu-Chen Hsieh (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)
Hua-Jun Hong (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)
Pei-Hsuan Tsai (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)
Yu-Rong Wang (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)
Qiuxi Zhu (University of California Irvine - USA)
Md Yusuf Sarwar Uddin (University of California Irvine - USA)
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (UCI - USA)
Cheng-Hsin Hsu (National Tsing Hua University - Taiwan)